when is the best time to say you’ve had enough?

they say patience is a virtue, yeah right! when it comes to patience, i think mine has the longest string. haha! anyway, i’ve been always patience because i know in the end i will be benefited. but WTH? where is the reward for being the most patient human being in this whole wide world? for the past three years i said to myself that i will grow and try not to go with the flow. i want to make a difference, not only for myself but to the peoople thats been supprting me and loving me despite all.

but when will you say you’ve had enough?

when you have no face and just let everyone know that you fail? when you lost all the respect for yourself? when there’s no one besides your humiliation is there to keep you goin? when you lost all yourself just trying to be there but in reality, you’re nowhere. when all the people that loved and supported you were gone?


maybe you will be thinking that there are things that you can hold on to. but until when?


i’ll leave it to you.

until when can you cling on to your patience?


( ^_^ )v


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