antok much!

antok much!

looking at the sky right now makes me wonder, why can’t i sleep? I’ve been sleepyhead ever since I’ve worked in a BPO company. yeah, well, now you know why.


due to schedule differences and of course the reversed sleep cycle, even though I’ve slept a couple of hours more than what i need, i still feel sleepy.

but why am I not sleeping now? yeah, it’s my one-day off that’s why (haha). anyway, like i said, because my sleep wake cycle is reversed, I’ll just have to endure this WAKING moment. and take the opportunity to write.

(been having nosebleed in the past 3 years, lol)

this post is just something that i can write about. just a non-sense post of a crazy person. hah!

I’ll just give you some tips that I, myself, do to have an easy sleep (especially when you sleep in the morning and work at night).

>after reaching home, take a rest for at least 15 mins.
>do your cleansing thing: changing into light clothes, cleaning the face and body, combing hair etc.
>eat breakfast/lunch
>do what you like to do: watching tv, reading, other hobby that you like to do everyday.

when you’re satisfy (atleast, hehe) you may prepare your sleeping area.

we have our own style when it comes to sleeping, so you can do your sleeping ritual after those I’ve mentioned.

now that i’ve told you the things i do before sleeping, you ask me why am not still sleeping?

im still at the last part (do what you like). hehehehe!

so, everything is all set, but dont forget to PRAY!

happy sleeping!

(-,- )zzzZZ


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