What to Write when not in the Mood

lately I’ve been so lazy that even opening my mouth to answer my mother’s question really tires me. hahaha! I dont know why, no inspiration maybe? as i open my Blog site here and clicked New Post, i saw this line just below the boxes, INSPIRE ME.

hah! i’m really out of order right now and my QA’s seen me after my shift. fast pace, not offering suitable listings and stuff like that. i’m quite exhausted for the things that are just repeating over and over for the past month. not wanting to move any limb, every movement makes me feel like an old trunk ready to break any time.

I’ve done, if not everything, enough just to satisfy my cravings but none of them works as to lifting up my sunken spirit.

but as I walk past happy people, i realized that contentment and doing things you like really makes you happy. plus, when you’re surrounded by nice people, that’s when things will normally fall into right place.

i am surrounded by good friends but unfortunately not doing what i really like. so, how about that?

I remember one of my supervisor told me, ‘it’s just mind over matter’.

mind over matter, eh? people with dreams sets their goal from day one. and as they climb the reaching for their goal, though they are struggling, they still seem excited. maybe that’s the one I lack of– GOAL!

this time, i know what i have to do to keep ME from disappointing myself.


so, this is me, writing when not in the mood. it just turned out that this a part realization and a part moving forward. although i felt like world weighed on my shoulder  right now, I know that I will get used to it and will make me a stronger person. I’m still young and I know I can make it!




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