Braces and Cookies ~_~

Braces and Cookies ~_~

I recently had my braces put on. My dentist advised me not to eat hard foods and not to kiss your boyfriend torridly for the first three days. hahaha! anyway, the latter advise is somewhat not applicable to me since I don’t have a boyfriend.

what is that chip doing in the picture? well, to tell you the truth, I am a chips-aholic! I love cookies especially the home-baked one. But unfortunately we don’t have tools at home for me to bake so i just buy one that’s already made.

You get to know my dilemma now? hahaha, i’ll tell you anyway. I have difficulties now eating foods i really like. I still feel awkward when i eat or speak. every time i eat solid foods, like cookies, i bite on my side (molars). the one that has no brackets attached. it’s very difficult especially when you chew the food and accidentally you bite on your front teeth. that’s an ‘aww’ for me really. but i’m getting used to it now. although i still find it hard to prevent some extra thing in between the braces. hehehe!


I know later on I will find the tricks on how to eat foods i like without getting hurt because of the braces.

AJA to me! \( ^_~)v