Missing Little Hailyn

Missing Little Hailyn

Someone’s been missing Lil Hailyn, and ofcourse, im one of them. Hailyn just turned seven months old last 24th of july. and she’s been hyper as the days go by.

hailyn and her mother is now at her father’s house because of some events. and then last night, as my mother and I we’re talking, she mentioned, “I miss Hailyn already.” I just smiled coz I feel the same way.

it never occured to me that i will be having a niece already especially when I, myself still dont have a boyfriend. hahaha! anyways, we dont have any choice but to accept the fact that, well, there it is!

but, from the moment i saw her tiny fingers, feet and her face, i really started loving her. and being away from her really saddens not only me but the whole house! my father, her lolo, mentions her every time. my mother like i said misses her too. my brother, who is not very affectionate asked me questions of hailyn’s whereabouts.and me, well, i’m thinking out loud now. hahaha!

there are things that come unexpectedly into your life. it depends if you treat it as a blessing or some thing. for me, i think it falls under blessing.

hailyn, where art thou? please come home. hehehe